Payroll summary reports

Effective payroll management

We can help you streamline your payroll functions with prompt and accurate reporting. Reports can include PAYE, NI, SSP and SMP summaries, cumulative figures to date, cost centre analysis reports and many more. The payroll summary reports can be produced after each payroll run weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly.Such report can be sent to the employer electronically or printed.Payroll summary reports will show:

  • Total gross pay
  • DeductionsL tax, NICs, attachment orders, Student Loan Deductions, coluntary
  • Liabilities: amounts due to HMRC Accounts Office
  • SMP paid and the recovery amount
  • SSP paid and the recovery amount
  • SSP paid and the recovery amount
  • The reports can be tailored and analysed by departments

Payroll is not about paying your staff the right amount on time, but there are other benefits a well run payroll give your business? The management information generated by your payroll can give you rich and timely information intro your business, such as, examination of staff numbers, staff allocation and can help identify areas of over- or under-staffing ot under-performance.

We can also help with bespoke management reports to help manage the business and overcome problem areas: –

  • Cost Centre / departmental reporting
  • Understanding statutory calculations
  • Employee queries
  • Breakdown of starters and leaver information
  • Holiday pay information
  • SMP / SSP reports
  • Payroll across period reports
  • Year to date information

This list is by no way definitive, if we hold the information on your payroll, we can provide payroll management information on it.