Switching Payroll to EPS

The process of switching payroll to EPS is easy and pain free.

Processing payroll requires a great deal of financial knowledge and can be a time-consuming task for businesses. That’s why it often makes sense to outsource your payroll to a specialist payroll bureau. If you’re not happy with your current provider, or need a more cost-effective alternative to the in-house processing of payroll you can always switch providers. The key is to do your research and ask the right questions to find the best payroll bureau to meet your needs.

When’s the best time to switch?

Switching at the end of a pay period or ideally the beginning of the year is best. If you need to switch before that, we can do so at any time during the year, although it is best to plan in advance to give plenty of time for EPS to set up the payroll and get out that first payroll run.
Changing payroll providers is also a good time to check and update employee information so when you transfer the information is up to date.

What information is required?

If you’re currently running a payroll, you probably know already what you’ll need to provide.

Though not a complete list, the main information for each employee is:

  • Your employees’ names, addresses and national insurance numbers
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Deduction information
  • Year to date totals
  • Employers PAYE and collection references

EPS will also require your PAYE employer and collection references.

What kind of services do you require?

You will need to determine what services you require and if the cost is worth the services provided.
Some payroll bureau’s offer fewer services than others and you need to match the services provided with your needs. For example, if, you’d wished to spend less time on payroll administration and more on running your business, you may want to find a bureau with a complete range and with more personal services.


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